South African History

Generals C.R. de Wet, Louis Botha and Koos De La Rey oblige an autograph request.

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Modern South Africa

Note written and signed in blue felt tip by Mandela, "Compliments and Best Wishes. N.R. Mandela 11.3.96".

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International Autographs

Personal cheque, filled out and signed by Aldrin, “Buzz Aldrin”, payable to Trust Services of America for $474.00, dated June 27, 1986.

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A spectacular glossy composite 20 x 16 colour photo of Pele, signed in black felt tip.

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Framed Krugerrands

Land grant signed by President Paul Kruger in 1895, relating to a property in Volksrust.

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Framed Currency

Uncut Sheet of eight $20 2006 USA Federal Reserve Notes in choice crisp uncirculated condition.

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Office Decor

Target Earth limited edition (33/60) framed meteorite composition, commissioned and inspected by Australia's historic Perth Mint.

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