South African History

Presidential Commission appointing Thomas McDowell as Consul of the United States of America at Cape Town, on 22nd January 1862. The document signed by President Abraham Lincoln and countersigned by the Secretary of State, William H. Seward.

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Modern South Africa

Framed display of a scientific illustration of the heart, signed by Dr Chris Bernard.

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Investment Autographs

Uncut sheet of sixteen USA $5 2003 Federal Reserve Star Notes.

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Share Certificates

De Beers Mining Company framed composition, the artwork features a De Beers share certificate, accompanyed by a pair of legal document on De Beers letteheads.

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Framed Krugerrands

Legal Indenture on vellum, signed 1874.

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Winters National Bank & Trust Co. bank check signed by Orville Wright.

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Office Decor

Target Earth limited edition (33/60) framed meteorite composition, commissioned and inspected by Australia's historic Perth Mint.

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